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Make the vein of the earth.

Now, environmental pollution is a problem at the earth level. We have the obligation that defends this blue, beautiful earth for children who live in the next generation. What can the recycling enterprise do? The answer that the Mizuno industry derived "Make the route to make the resource of every country in the world circulate well." In other word, making of a global network of recycling.
Mizuno industry handles the export of the pig iron and the import of the aluminum scrap, etc. so far. We are having steel scrap and complex of nonferrous metals and etc. chiefly circulate from the resource consumption large country to the resource use large country in using the reproduction that has been cultivated with the trade performance for years method. "The insufficient one from the sufficing place, The sufficing one to an insufficient place." We think that this idea is a starting point of the recycling society, and tries to construct and to expand a global network of recycling that is the vein of the earth.

Mixed metal scrap

Motor scrap
Radiator scrap

Steel scrap



Shindachi pieces
Shindachi plate

Machine scrap

Cutting steel scrap
Manganese scrap
Abandonment heavy equipment

Motor scrap

DC motor scrap
AC motor scrap
Motor core scrap

Transformer scrap(*PCB not included)

Transformer scrap
Transformer core scrap

Copper wire scrap

Coated copper wire scrap
Copper joint scrap
Mixed cables

Switchboard scrap

Switchboard scrap
Operation board scrap