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The recycling iron is important for industry.

Steel keeps sticking to Staple industries such as construction, car, machines, and electric machines and supporting the economy of Japan. The recycling demand for the steel material and the reproducing iron has risen because it matches to changing the saving resource energy conservation and the industrial establishment, and it has dissolved the scrap to the iron and steel industry whose it was a main to manufacture the steel material from the iron ore up to now. Steadier demand and the supply are sure to be requested in the future.
Mizuno industry is dismantlement scrap generated by disposed industrial machine and building dismantlement including the metallic scrap generated from the car, heavy equipment, the appliance maker, and the parts supplier during manufacturing and furthermore collects a certain juice can near oneself by everybody, and helps recycling. To answer customer's various needs, we positively set up the latest large equipment, quickly bearing the careful work in mind.

Mixed metal scrap

Motor scrap
Radiator scrap

Steel scrap



Shindachi pieces
Shindachi plate

Machine scrap

Cutting steel scrap
Manganese scrap
Abandonment heavy equipment

Motor scrap

DC motor scrap
AC motor scrap
Motor core scrap

Transformer scrap(*PCB not included)

Transformer scrap
Transformer core scrap

Copper wire scrap

Coated copper wire scrap
Copper joint scrap
Mixed cables

Switchboard scrap

Switchboard scrap
Operation board scrap