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We achieve the recycling society, and environmental preservation.

The human race acquires the technology that produces the one by discovering the fire and coming to use the tool and the history goes to the machine civilization further. We who obtain a convenient, comfortable living are not permitted to turn our eyes away from the fact of having caused the waste of the envirommental destruction and the resource on the other hand. It is necessary to review the flow of the society current "Mass production, consumption, and abandonment", and to work on effective use and the environmental preservation of the resource. The Mizuno industry is ,so to speak, an integrated recycling enterprise of the resource that centered on three sections of "Steel", "The second aluminum alloy", and "Trade". A new life is put in the useless article to which product life like car, various industrial commodities, and consumption materials, etc. is finished and they are sent off to the society again as an industrial material. "Limited natural resources are important", that style has not been changing since the established time. It contributes to the construction of the zero emission type society for effective use for the earth resource and the maintenance of the global environment while expanding further as reverse (reproduction) industry.

President Seiichi Mizuno