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Aluminum is necessary for environmental preservation.

Recently, global warming has become aggravated as one of the environmental problems. It is one of the big factors that the exhaust gas when transport such as cars and aircraft burn destroys the ozonosphere. The transportation machine manufacturer also seriously thinks about this problem, and combustion efficiency rise by lightening and saving of energy and the miniaturization are aimed at. Having been paid attention is aluminum now.
Weight of about 1/3 of iron and feature of excellent in processing is made the best use of, and needs have expanded more and more. Mizuno industry has paid attention to the feature with excellent aluminum since early time. The original reproduction ground metal of a thorough quality control is manufactured from the technology and the latest equipment that has been cultivated for years. A state-of-the-art industrial plant completed, it deliver to the automaker and the parts supplier by the just-in-time, and we help an environment friendly thing making.

Molten metal distributor
Aluminum with high purity is poured in the mold case accurately.
Continuous casting
It soaks in the cooling water pool and aluminum will be cast in a short time. It is harmless though steam occurs when cooling.
Stacking machine
The machine that piles the aluminum ingot that has been sent from Continuous casting by uninhabited like a square well crib.
Aluminium ingot(for sale)
Please let me offer high-quality ingot.